About Us

About Us

Hello and welcome to French Fries and Hamburger Body. We are your exclusive online platform for information on exercise and staying active backed by research. Our goal is to provide you with tips and advice that will help you stay active and get fit right in the comfort of your own home. At French Fries and Hamburger Body, we get it. You don’t have time to go to the gym and work out. And even if you did, you would rather be sitting on your couch, binge watching your favorite TV shows until the middle of the night. Then go to bed, catch some zzz’s and do it all over again the next day.

It is this pattern of inactivity that causes diseases and obesity, that is why French Fries and Hamburger Body was created. If you want to become more active but don’t know where to start, how about starting right here right now.  Here you will find tips and tricks that will get you moving. Our workouts are easy to follow and can be done anywhere. No gym membership necessary.

The French Fries and Hamburger Body Mission

In home workouts aren’t new, people just didn’t put much faith in them because they required expensive fitness equipment that took up a lot of space, burned more energy than the actual workout and they get monotonous and boring very quickly. How many way can you really use a treadmill?   With French Fries and Hamburger Body, we have changed all of that and we want you to have a variety of work out options so you don’t get bored and you electricity bill don’t increase each time you workout.

Our Founder

Hi, my name is Sunshine and I am the founder of French Fries And Hamburger Body. I want to take the time to personally thank you for visiting us today and for letting me show you some of the most effective ways to get fit and feel good at home. I am a healthcare professional and I have over 20 years of experience working closely with my patients and giving them useful advice that can keep them healthy. I noticed the reason that many of them did not go to the gym is because they either did not have access,  did not know how to uses the equipment , did not have the time, did not  have enough energy or they felt uncomfortable about their appearance.

With French Fries and Hamburger Body, you will learn what it takes to work out effectively at home with some simple tools. These aren’t expensive contraptions that take up a lot of space and they are easy for anyone to use. Not only that, they can help you lose weight, build muscle and get in shape right in your own home.

Why Choose French Fries and Hamburger Body?

Why should you trust French Fries and Hamburger Body for your in-home workout needs? We specialize in sourcing the most effective exercise programs from fitness instructors, doctors and researchers around the world. We share this information with you to help you get the most out of your workouts. French Fries and Hamburger Body values you and works hard to ensure your complete satisfaction. Every time you visit our site, we will be there to answer any question and to provide you with the best experience possible.

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