20 Unique Fitness Group Ideas To Keep You Active

Young woman practicing aerial yoga on tree in park

Group exercise is all the rage, but sometimes those fitness classes can get boring. Fortunately, gyms all over the world are getting creative when it comes to working out in groups. Is one of these 20 unusual exercise classes the right fit for you?

Aerial Exercise

Does flying through the air sound like your idea of a good time? Join an aerial fitness class, and get your feet off the ground. In these classes, you will use large, stretchy hammocks suspended from the ceiling to pull and twist your body. You’ll gain strength while you soar around the room.


If you’re bored with traditional spin classes, take it to the next level by putting your bike in the water. Aquaspin uses special bikes that can be ridden in a pool. The resistance of the water adds to the resistance of the bike, making the ride even more challenging.

Buti Yoga

Buti yoga combines the traditional stretching and strength training of regular yoga with tribal dance moves. This gives you a combination of cardio, strength, and mindfulness.


This class focuses on a Brazilian martial art that includes dance and acrobatics as well as fighting techniques. It began in slave communities in Brazil which needed a way of learning to fight without anyone knowing. This is the type of class that is fun for beginners but can also become an art form that takes years to perfect.


Drum circles are a popular community-building activity, but drumming can be a form of exercise as well. These classes use heavy drums and encourage participants to bang their way to improved strength and stamina.


There is no actual fire involved in a firefighting fitness class. Instead, you will train in a variety of firefighting techniques including waving heavy hoses, climbing stairs, and running with weight over your shoulders.

Floating Yoga

Grab a floating yoga mat and join the fun. These classes are usually held in pools but can also take place in a lake or pond.  This class involves performing traditional yoga poses while balancing on a floating board.


This class uses special machines that slide to invert your body at different angles. You use the force of gravity as resistance to strengthen your muscles.


Generations of kids have played with hula hoops, and now you can use them as part of a fitness class. This aerobics class challenges you to complete heart-pumping movements while keeping one or more hula hoops spinning around your waist, legs, arms, neck, or any other body part.

IMAX Cycling

This is a regular cycling class that is held in front of a giant IMAX screen. The screen wraps around the room and is so large that you’ll feel like you’re actually cycling in any number of scenic places.

Kangaroo Bounce

A kangaroo bounce class requires boots with a bouncy, metal curve at the bottom. These boots allow you to hop around like a kangaroo. This creates an aerobics class that is lots of fun and difficult as well.


In this springy class, everyone gets a mini-trampoline. You’ll follow an instructor as you perform different types of jumps that make your heart rate soar.

Naked Yoga

Sometimes people who are into the spiritual benefits of yoga find that practicing without clothing brings them even deeper into a meditative space. Now you can do this with a group of your closest friends and yogis.

PE Class

This exercise class for adults brings back the days of physical education. Instructors act as coaches and organize popular school games like dodgeball, kickball, and scooter races.

Punk Rope

Jumping rope can be an intense physical endeavor, and it’s even more demanding when you are immersed in punk music. These classes turn up the volume and challenge you to jump hard.

Senior Exercise

Why should fitness be only for the young? These classes are for the over 55 crowd and include stretching, cardio, and strength training. There’s no time in life to stop moving, and this class proves it.

Roller Skate Aerobics

Pull on some skates and bring back your roller rink days with a class that will bring you fitness on wheels. This aerobics class makes use of roller-skating tricks to keep your blood pumping.

Skateboard Pilates

Traditional Pilates involves building strength in your core through intense exercises. This becomes even more difficult if you do it while balancing on a skateboard.

Sproing Machine

A Sproing is a treadmill with a soft, squishy base. It is easier on the joints than a regular treadmill but also requires more of your leg muscles. Classes have participants performing routines on the machines in groups.

Weapons Workout

Swords, poles, and knives are all weapons used in martial arts. In weapons fitness classes, participants lift, spin, and wave these weapons. This leads to greater core strength, balance, and overall body control.

No matter your age or fitness level, there is a unique workout class that is the right option for you. Use this list to get inspired to find a class that will motivate, stimulate, and challenge you in your fitness journey.




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