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Got 15 Minutes ? Sandbag Training for Upper Body

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Get Strong and Lean in 15 Minutes with Sandbag Training for Upper Body

As a part of a strength training or resistance training program sandbag workouts can help you improve your health. Furthermore if your goal is it to get fit, this is the tool you need to take you to the next level and beyond.

However,  you need the right approach to begin your workout regime.

Don’t be misled by the looks of the sandbag. Once you master some of the basic moves, you are set to build your own workout in the comfort of your own home.

The exercise sandbag works as a great too to strengthen and grow your muscles. Any muscle will benefit from this muscle enhancing and performance improvement tool.

You can use the sandbag to strengthen and build muscles in your arms, shoulders, chest, biceps, triceps, and also your back .

Sandbags are used in the military as a basic training exercise tool. You will be happy to know that you don’t have to enlist in the military to gain access to a sandbag. You can buy your own.

How Does Sandbag Workout Really Work?

This sandbag exercise has 3 sections. Keeping in mind that it works the entire body, as most HIIT exercises do, it truly focuses on the arms, lats, and the entire upper body.

A sandbag is highly effective exercise tool. The load is unstable forcing you to use your core muscles to stabilize your body. The weight you lift is always moving as you work out with it. Working out with an unstable burden activates more muscles.

Sandbag workout requires only a pack loaded up with sand or even water. It is very cost-efficient. You can make your own sandbag with a duffel sack, conduit tape, and sand. However, homemade sandbags are limited in versatility. You will need very strong handles on all sides that can withstand heavy weights when performing rows, pulls and deadlifts. In addition, unless you make you own filler bags, you will be stuck to only one weight.

Why bother going through all that hassle when you can purchase a brute force sandbag.

or you can purchase a readymade one of your preferred weight category.

The best part is, it is very easy to add extra load as you get stronger. You don’t have to buy another piece of equipment.

Reasons Why Working Out with a Sandbag is Beneficial

  • Portable

Sandbags are easily portable which makes it easy to carry it outdoors and work out at a nearby park or a residential compound.

  • Takes Up less space

When the sandbag is not in use, you can easily squeeze it under your bed or in your workout closet.

  • Engages the bigger muscles

With the help of a sandbag workout, you can make your upper body muscle group stronger and leaner. It also helps burn calories faster.

Sandbag Upper Body Workout Exercises

Today we are going to find out how to get shredded with sandbag exercises for the upper body. We are going to focus on the biceps, triceps, chest, shoulders, and the back and core muscles.

Before we start, let’s remember a few basic things. Yes, we all know that already, but here’s a reminder because it is important.

  • Don’t get stuck in a rut. Challenge yourself a little further every day.
  • Do not overdo it. You are not a rookie. You know how much weight you should lift.
  • Take your protein supplements and stay hydrated all day long to avoid the cramps.
  • Slowly progress to heavier loads
  • Change your routine ever few months

Now we can move on to the fun part. Follow these instructions carefully. Check out some videos to make sure you are not doing it wrong.

Arms, Biceps and Triceps

Target your biceps and triceps specifically with these sets of sandbag arm exercises. The best sandbag exercises for your upper arms are listed here. Choose at least two workouts for each target muscle.

Go for two consecutive sets of the entire workout. Complete one set, rest for 30 seconds, go for the second set. Each set should have at least 8 workouts. You can do them all if you want to take up that challenge. Go for 20 reps of each workout. Increase it according to your capacity. But don’t get too comfortable.

  • Kneeling Preacher Curl- For the biceps (short head)
  • Single Arm Wide Curl: Biceps short head
  • Hanging Curl: Biceps Short head
  • Cross Body Curl: Biceps long head
  • Close Grip Curl: Biceps long head
  • Drag Curl: Biceps long head
  • Reverse Grip Curl: Biceps brachialis
  • Hammer Curl: Biceps brachialis
  • Single Arm Curl: Biceps
  • Plank Curl Kickback: Biceps triceps core
  • Overhead Triceps Extension: Triceps long head
  • Kickback: Triceps lateral head
  • Single Arm Overhead Extension: Triceps long head

Chest and Shoulder Muscles

If you want a quick workout that will help you build an impressive upper body, go for sandbag workouts that have a combined effect on the chest and shoulders.

Here are some simple sandbag workouts for the chest and shoulders. They only look simple. One or two reps are easy. But you are going to do way more than that. You are going to do 20 of each for an effective workout. You can only have a 10 second break after each set. You will then repeat the entire set once more.

The workouts are broken up according to the muscles it targets. You can pick just two workouts focusing on each target area.

  • One and off push ups- Chest
  • Lying Press- Chest
  • Push up on bag- Chest
  • Bag Squeeze push up- Inner chest
  • Lying bag squeeze press- Inner chest
  • Bag Squeeze Press Out- Inner chest, shoulders
  • Bag Squeeze Press up- Upper inner chest, shoulders
  • Push up plank single arm fly combo- Chest, core
  • Plank single arm fly- Chest core

This entire set should take you about 10 minutes. And then you repeat it for another 10 minutes. A total of 20 minute workout is enough to give you the shredded appearance. Get ready for it.

Back Muscles

For your back muscles, here are 5 best sandbag workouts that will take only 10 minutes.

Try all these workouts for 40 seconds and take a break for 20 seconds before moving on to the other.

1] Bag swing

2] Squat thrust pull up

Harness a sandbag to your back. You decide on the weight. Keep it comfortable. The intensity of the workout should depend on the speed of the pull ups. The sandbag should not feel heavy at the beginning of the workout. Especially if you have a back problem, go easy on this one.

3] Plank bag pull through

Go all the way. Don’t be lazy. Don’t cheat.

4] Renegade rows

Put 20 seconds into each arm.

5] Bent over row

Use 3 seconds each for up and down motions. Take it slow.

Repeat the entire set of 5 workouts twice. This 10 minute workout will work wonders for your back and core muscles if done right.

How to Make Sandbag Training Harder?

You can make your workout routine more difficult by speeding it up and increasing the number of repetitions. You already know that adding to the weight of the sandbag is not the best way to achieve your goal quicker, of course, unless you already have doubled the number of reps and sped up the workout to its limit.

Don’t make the breaks any longer just because your workout routine is longer. Stick to the same amount of break.

HIIT Workout with Sandbags

If you are going for a high intensity interval training routine, make sure you are doing it right. A little too much or a little wrong way can end up injuring you for weeks.

Here are some benefits of HIIT training with sandbags:

  • It engages your entire body. You get to exercise several joints and the bigger muscles in a short span of time.
  • You can take the sandbags anywhere, fit them into tight spaces.
  • You can easily adjust the weights by adjusting the number of filler bags.
  • You can customize the weights to go above 80 pounds if you are really going for it.

Sandbag HIIT Training Exercises

Also, the heavier sandbag or sack you carry the great impact it will have on your ‘High Intensity Interval Training’. But you might not always want that. Here are some things you must make full use of. A list of 8 HIIT exercises involving sandbags that you can incorporate into your workout routine.

  • Sandbag back squat: Keep your spine aligned straight and go as low as you can. Repeat this 20 times.
  • Single straight leg deadlift: Go for 10 reps for each leg.
  • Clean and press: This one’s pretty simple. Don’t forget to clench your butt as you stand up.
  • Push press: Only one warning for this one, mind your head. Make sure you have a lot of strength in your wrists. Or else you might end up injuring your neck by throwing the bag at it.
  • Push up Clean and press: This one is a combination workout. Check out some videos to make sure you are doing it right.
  • Overhead squat: This is an excellent core workout. Try your best to pull this off. Increase the number of reps on this one first if you really want to look like a million bucks.
  • Shoulder to shoulder press: The intensity of this exercise depends upon the speed.
  • Sandbag sprints: You can sprint or you can even walk if that suits you. But make sure your posture is correct and you go for equal number of steps or minutes on either side.

All these exercises are great for core strength and overall workout. Do HIIT workouts only 2 days a week. Give your body the time to recuperate. Follow the usual workout routine the other 4 days of the week.

Take one day a week to let your muscles relax. This would be a good day for a massage and a swim. Well, these exercises are exceptional, implying that in case you’re propelling yourself appropriately, you’re likely going to be sore the following day.

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