Replace Gym Machines with These Home Workouts

Gym machines continue to improve and incorporate new technology to isolate muscle groups and give you a good, safe workout. But gym memberships also continue to get more expensive and making trips to the gym is time-consuming. Life happen and maybe you cannot make it to the gym for one reason or another. When you work schedule, you change job or you have a sick love one you have to tend to going to the gym is not an option.

It takes about 2-3 weeks of inactivity for you start seeing small declines in your strength and endurance. Therefore, its import for you to keep strength training by all means necessary.

How do you do this at home.  You can make good use of your time and resources and get a good workout at home with little or no equipment. Following are six gym machines and alternate home exercises.

You can use water bottle filed with water, sand or stone as a substitute for dumbbells. In addition you can fill a backpack with books as a substitute for barbells. All you have to do is slide a strong broom stick through the handles. Lastly, resistance bands can be just as effective as weights.

1. Seated Crunch Machine

This machine is great for isolating your ab muscles and giving them a good workout, but there are plenty of alternatives that don’t involve machinery. Start with simple crunches to get your abs used to the different moves. Once you can do twenty or so reps, add in leg lifts and bicycles for a great ab workout.

2. Adductor/Abductor Machine

This little torture device attempts to isolate the muscles on the interior and exterior of your thighs. The problem is, the leg muscles are made to work in tandem and isolating them can easily lead to injury. Instead, to deep side lunges or speed skates. To add extra resistance one you are accustomed to these moves, add barbells to the lunges and do jumping speed skates.

3. Seated Cable Row

This machine works several muscle groups, but you can easily replicate the workout at home. Do squats and deadlifts with barbells to work the thighs and back muscles, and then finish up with bent-over barbell rows to work the arms.

4. Leg Extension Machine

The leg extension machine is a great one to work those quads, but it doesn’t do anything you can’t do on your own. Alternate sets of squats and lunges with heavy weights or resistance bands  to give those quads a workout at home.

5. Lat Pulldown Machine

This one should be obvious, but just install a pull-up bar in your home. There are several inexpensive ways to do this using a doorway or the ceiling in your garage. If you have an unfinished basement, attach a wood closet rod between studs. Alternate between pull-ups and chin-ups and remember not to swing your legs.

6. Back Extension Machine

Giving your back a good workout at home is easy, but take care to use proper form. Stiff-leg deadlifts with dumbbells will give you a good workout. To further stretch and exercise the lower back, add in some superman or bird dog reps. These are good to do after your ab workout as well.

Getting a good workout at home without buying a lot of expensive equipment is easy with a few alternatives and some dumbbells. Spend the time you would usually take to drive back and forth to the gym to throw in some cardio for a complete workout.

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